About MATT

Motion ATTitude

Movement is inherent in the existence of any element in our universe. Everything transforms, moves, nothing is static. People obviously need to be on the move as well, and this is MATT's attitude since it was born in 1979.
Due to changing situations in the natural environment, the diverse and varied climatic conditions, at MATT we continue to explore and investigate which are the best materials and, consequently, the products for sports, movement, and the interaction of our body with nature. Truly native of outdoor accessories we design to provide safety, comfort and harmony in moments of maximum freedom sharing your passion for Outdoor sports.
Under these premises MATT designs, creates and presents to you its accessories collections, as a gear that constantly adapts to changes, to continuous movement. Always looking for answers to the needs of users, to its evolution as an outdoor sports atheltes, attending to the quality of the materials used, the technological change, the design and of course the premises of fashion world.
And you, are already in motion?